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Frequently Asked Questions

Which charities does TunesGenie support?

TunesGenie currently supports Doctors Without Borders, Action Against Hunger, Human Rights Watch,, and the World Wildlife Fund. You can choose which charity you want your TunesGenie to support.

Also, depending on where you live (or more precisely, where your iTunes account is located), some additional charities may be available.


Can I suggest new features?

Sure! We’d love to hear from you and will take your input seriously when planning for new features.

Please contact us on Twitter at @TunesGenie, or send us an email at


My favorite charity is not supported by TunesGenie, can I ask for its support? 


Please contact us on Twitter at @TunesGenie, or send us an email at, and we will consider adding your favorite charity to the list.

Although we do not have a set process for adding new charities, there are a few criteria that the charity needs to meet:

    •    Accept donations in US dollars or Euros

    •    Have an appropriate level level of efficiency and transparency (being rated 3 or more by for example)

    •    Make a meaningful positive difference in the World.


How does TunesGenie get its revenues?

Although TunesGenie is totally free for its users, it does get revenues.

These revenues come from the 7% commissions (2.5% in Japan) that Apple gives TunesGenie anytime you purchase from iTunes or the AppSore on a device less than 24 hours after clicking on an iTunes link in TunesGenie.

Be aware that if multiple applications or websites send you to the iTunes or AppStore, only that latest application will get the commission.

So if you want your purchases to make a difference, you’ll want to make sure you go to iTunes from TunesGenie just before making a purchase.


How can I make sure my iTunes purchases will benefit charities?

By visiting iTunes or AppStore from TunesGenie just before make an iTunes or AppStore purchase, you make sure that Apple will reward TunesGenie who will share the commission with your preferred charity.

Also, we will publish detailed information as to how much money was collected and distributed to which charities, along with proofs that the money has actually been transferred.


Why does TunesGenie give 50% of its revenue to charity?

Because we can.

We have a very lean organization, so we believe 50% of the total revenue is going to be enough to sustain the further development of the application.

Giving less would kind of defeat the purpose of the application, but giving more would not allow us to sustain the development of the app.


Will TunesGenie be available on other platforms?

Yes, we do plan to port TuneGenie on other Apple devices like the iPad and AppleTV.

That being said, there is currently not plan to port the application to non Apple devices.


What personal informations does TunesGenie keep and use?


TunesGenie does not need to know any single thing about our users to work.

You can read our privacy policy at


How can I know how much donations my purchases have generated ?

It is possible to know how much money TunesGenie users have generated in total for each charity: this information will be published on TunesGenie website (, once there has been sufficient activity.

But TunesGenie cannot know how much each of you has generated and therefore cannot give you this information.